Dimpker Brothers

Dimpker Brothers


The Dimpker Brothers is a band out of Sweden that are actually made out of two brothers – Adam and Martin. And from very early on, they knew that music would become their path. Or as they put it; ”We didn’t choose music, it chose us”.

And when listening to how effortlessly their voices and guitars blend together, one can sense an almost super natural connection that can only come from playing together since early childhood, developing a deep musical bond only they share.

Musically Dimpker Brothers blend Americana with a stroke of Scandinavian melancholy to create a unique warmth and a sound that is all their own. This can be heard on their newly released single “Days of Wonder” (found on all digital platforms) that is off an upcoming album produced by the legendary Joshua James at his studio in Fork, Utah.
In 2018 the band is looking forward to a packed schedule of live gigs and new music releases. One of the upcoming highlights is going on their first North American tour during the summer!

To see the Dimpker Brothers live is a rare musical treat combining technical excellence with a huge heart. Everywhere they go crowds immediately love them. This simply because they deliver a musical experience above and beyond – so don’t miss out!

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