Evergreen fields

Evergreen fields

Sold Out for 2019
We know that not everyone likes a tent, so for those who like their homes a little more mobile, the Evergreen Fields welcome a range of live-in vehicles.

Before you fill up the motorhome and hit the road, be sure to read through our guidelines below that set out who can and can’t park up in this idyllic corner of our festival site, and most importantly, how to make your stay as safe as possible.

The Pitch Ticket

  • One pitch ticket is required per vehicle, please consider in advance the correct pitch size for your setup.
  • You may park only one Live-in Vehicle OR one towing vehicle and Caravan/Trailer Tent per pitch.
  • This campsite is only for vehicles that are genuinely built or adapted for sleeping, specifically:
    • Campervans, Caravans, Van Conversions (with a DVLA certificate to prove Motor Home re-classification)
    •  Genuine trailer tents adequately stabilised with the sleeping quarters off the ground  Genuine rooftop tents, adequately fixed to the vehicle
  • Cars are not permitted in the Live-In Vehicle Fields unless they are towing a Caravan, Trailer Tent or come with a Rooftop Tent

Three pitch sizes are available:

  • 7 x 7 metres
  • 7 x 10 metres
  • 10 x 13 metres

The User Ticket

  • Each individual staying in Evergreen Fields is required to have a Caravan/Campervan User Ticket
  • This ticket is your access to the festival and you will not be allowed in to the event or campsite without one

Important Information About Your Stay

  • Camping is not permitted in the Live-In Field; you may not pitch a tent beside your Live-in Vehicle for any of your group to sleep in
  • Awnings are allowed as long they fit within the pitch
  • Please only sleep inside your vehicle, anyone sleeping in a tent or awning is in a more vulnerable position should there be a fire
  • To reduce the risk of fire, please ensure gas and ovens are turned off, cigarettes are fully extinguished and candles are not used

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep our camping grounds a safe place for all.

Evergreen Fields will open at 11am on Friday 6th September and close at 12pm on Monday 9th September.

Caravan/Campervan Power ticket

If you want to have an electrical hook-up, please purchase a Caravan/ Campervan Power ticket from our ticket page. We recommend buying this in advance as it may not be available on the day. Please be aware that this is a temporary power supply rated to a maximum of 16amp and we recommend you only have 1 ‘hot’ appliance operating at once (such as a kettle, microwave, toaster or hairdryer). For example, you can’t have a microwave and hairdryer running at the same time. Lower power appliances (such as phone chargers, TVs, etc) can be used at the same time as one ‘hot’ appliance.


We provide clearly marked Elsan Tanks for disposing of Grey and Black waste. There are standard toilets and water points where you can fill up containers by hand. Please note, vehicles aren’t permitted to drive up to the Elsan Tanks or water points.


If you are staying in your caravan or campervan in the Evergreen Campervan Field, you are welcome to bring ‘Cracker Jack’ to enjoy The Long Road. However, before making your plans, please read and acknowledge the dog information in our What You Can And Can’t Bring section.

NB: Dogs will not be allowed onsite unless they have a pre-booked ticket or they are an accredited assistance dog. Dog tickets are available within each eligible ticket type on our ticket page.