Learn new skills and be inspired by artisans of heritage crafts, from guitar cigar box making to natural skincare making, from feather and jewellery crafting to more technical joinery and handy bushcraft skills.

There are more details on a few of the workshops below.

Dave Watson – Wood Carving

Come and learn to whittle your own
flower out of hazel. Dave and the team will show you how to control the
knife and carefully cut each petal after a bit of practice making
shavings and a featherstick used for fire lighting.


Sarah Bisset – Naked Skincare Workshop

The workshop is taught by Sarah Bisset, creator of LOVE ABSOLUTE Qualified Ma Soph MBACP CMA. 

LOVE ABSOLUTE is an English Skincare Brand using UK grown and Organic wild fruit and flower seed oils from biodiverse bee friendly crops.

The Workshops are 2 x 1 hour for 8 people, with materials to make one product. This will cover the basics of making skin care products including places to source UK grown ingredients.


Eric Molyneux – Cigar Guitar Making

Diddley Bow workshop!  Make your own to take away: £20 p/p

Takes about 1 – 1.5  hours.

The Diddley Bow is a single-stringed American instrument which influenced the development of the blues sound. It consists of a single guitar string tensioned on a broom handle neck with a cigar box as the guitar body. The Diddley Bow is built with a Piezo Pickup so that it can be plugged into a regular guitar amp and played LOUD!

Nicki Berridge – Felting techniques using naturally dyed wool

Nicky has been dabbling in craft since her art degree and has worked within the Steiner Schools working with children to make beautiful things from nature learning and weaving the old stories into the craft.

At the Long Road Festival, she will be demonstrating and teaching simple felting techniques using naturally dyed wool.

Linda Adkins – Leather Design & Craft

Leather Design and Craft make unique, practical leather goods and accessories using traditional methods and techniques – committed to using locally sourced materials and utilising vintage, upcycled and ‘industrial waste’ (ie unsuitable for commercial retail) fittings and quirky, one-off hides.  

Many items decorated with wildlife and Celtic based designs – well, that was the plan, then an octopus happened. And a dragon. And quite a lot of ivy…. Come and have a chat, find out how accessible and rewarding leather craft can be.

Dalia Saunders – Jewellery Making

Silver and stone jewellery maker Dalia Saunders will be demonstrating simple jewellery making techniques so that the absolute beginner can make a simple ring using wire and pliers.  Get a feel for metal work and the intricacy of jewellery making and take away your original design.

Liz Johnson – Feathers for adornment and decoration

Liz Johnson is a multiplied skilled craftsperson who makes decorative pieces using feathers and also glass.  She specialises in hand crafted unique fused glass art and will bring her workmanship and educate audiences about her techniques.  At the Long Road festival she will teach how to use feathers, beads and leather/twine to create dream catchers and hair wear for a unique keepsake.

Dave Watson – Survival Skills & Bushcraft

Dave delivers high quality outdoor learning programmes. His expert tuition combined with extensive expertise and a unique and engaging approach, Dave has revolutionised delivery of Bushcraft, and changed a few lives along the way.

There are various ways to describe the differences between ‘bushcraft’ and ‘survival’, but what really sets true bushcraft apart is attitude. At Woodland Survival Crafts we understand that in wild environments it is vital to harness natural resources and work with them rather than against them.

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