Learn new skills and be inspired by artisans of heritage crafts, from braiding to weaving to more technical joinery and handy bushcraft skills.

There are more details on a few of the workshops below.

Cigar Box Guitar Making

Diddley Bow workshop!  Make your own to take away: £25 p/p

Takes about 40 mins.

The Diddley Bow is a single-stringed American instrument which influenced the development of the blues sound. It consists of a single guitar string tensioned on a broom handle neck with a cigar box as the guitar body. The Diddley Bow is built with a Piezo Pickup so that it can be plugged into a regular guitar amp and played LOUD!

Wild teas Tinctures

During this hands on workshop you can mix and make a small selection of t-bags using foraged plants. You will also learn how to make a tincture using dried or fresh (if available) common wild plants.  In a lively Q & A you will learn about the properties of the plants and medicinal qualities.

 Leather Design & Craft

Leather Design and Craft make unique, practical leather goods and accessories using traditional methods and techniques – committed to using locally sourced materials and utilising vintage, upcycled and ‘industrial waste’ (ie unsuitable for commercial retail) fittings and quirky, one-off hides. 

Nordic Braiding

Working together this lovely ritual produces a beautiful colourful braid on to which a wood disc with your own pyroglyphic design will hang.  Can be made into a pendant or anything of your choice. Suitable for ages 10 upwards.

Jewellery Making

Cara has been designing and making jewellery since the age of 11.
She incorporates swarovski crystal, semi precious stones, unique beads and silver or gold in her work. She has sold nationally and internationally and has been featured in publications such as Marie Claire and The Latest magazine.

She will be showing people how to make bracelets, necklaces and rings at the long road festival.


Weaving is a aged old craft and we are delighted to have a stall dedicated to it.  The crafts team have many years weaving experience, and specialise in teaching interesting design and colour on small looms for beginners, inspiring them into this mediative, fun and wonderful craft.  Drop in, and you will make a small keepsake full of rich colourful british wool.

Hand painted mica fabric stencils

I’m a Rhinestone Cowboy & Cowgirl…

A permanent fabric tattoo in sparkling natural mineral mica ‘hand painted’ directly onto your jeans, jacket or hat to commemorate the event.