Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

Relax in absolute hot tub bliss and soak your aching body in one of our beautiful wood fired western red cedar hot tubs at The Long Road this year. You can choose to turn up early and relax before your soak or after, it’s totally up to you. There are changing facilities available within the area.

£25 per person

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Extra Luxury

Why not enjoy a relaxing soak in the daytime or wake up early and prepare yourself for a busy day ahead with an early morning soak.


We are fastidious about our water cleanliness which is completely refreshed daily.

Please remember to bring your swim suit and a towel and some bottled water.

Please be aware that tub sessions are mixed and shared with others. If you want an exclusive tub for yourself or a smaller group then you will need to buy all six spaces. Hot Tubs are not suitable for children under 6.

£25 per person

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Booking with us gives you 50 minutes soak time in the hot tub and you can hang out up up 2 hours before or after your session in our hot tub area which includes our chill tent and seating where you can drink chat and relax.

You can also book a 50 minute session in our sauna either at a separate time or before or after your hot tub session.