Welcome to Lil Possum County! Whack on your woggle, ging your ganggoolies and dibbidy dib dob on over to a classic summer day camp.

It’s an awesome camp for awesome kids, and through creativity and imagination we create endless-fun, and memories that last a lifetime. Bring your little uns to the Lil Possum County Camp and watch them soar like eagles, howl like coyotes, and… party like possums!

Our camp is jam-packed with colourful activities and games to suit the tiniest possum babies through to more intrepid big possums. Hoist flags, craft catapults, build dens, earn merit badges, sing songs, forge friendships and BE THE BEST LITTLE POSSUM YOU CAN BE.

Our Camp Councillors are ready and waiting with craft activities, games, songs, and surprise special guests… your Long Road adventure awaits!

Grown Ups – Keep Out! Through a hidden entrance behind a patrol tent lies a tearaways haven. Sandpits and mud kitchens, Never ending den making, slingshots and climbing – The Neverland of Lil Possum County!

Rainbow Tent – Shelter from the sun and rain for the little-est possums. Wooden sensory toys for all, a comfy chair for feeding, domestic power for expressing and simple changing facilities as well as soft everywhere.

Games & Challenges – A full camp schedule of games and challenges currated by our camp leaders. Think Crab Football and Water Balloon Volleyball alongside the unbeatable classics such as sack racing and bubble popping.

CraftsA plethora of glitter, felt, glues, paints, pens, cards, cords and more. Take part in our curated nature craft making: storytelling stones, pressed flower cards and whittling. Try your hand at God’s Eye weaving, tie dyeing, flag making and the all important friendship bracelet making (and exchange!).

The StageSurprise guests will pop up on centre stage to entertain with acoustic sets, theatrical shows and, of course, the opportunity to for your Lil Possum to be the star of the show with open mic, storytelling and dance-offs.

Help yourself – Bubbles, O’s & X’s, Giant Jenga, Tree Drawing, Skittles – the list goes on!

Please note:

All children need to be accompanied by their guardian. 

While we’ve tried to keep as much of the experience as free as possible for you all, some small charges might apply where necessary.

The Long Road Sponsor The Long Road Sponsor