25-27 aug 2023 Stanford hall leicestershire

General Camping

We like to think of camping as the most authentic way to do TLR. Pitch your tent and enjoy the great outdoors all while experiencing the thing we’re proudest of, our community! You can’t go wrong with basics, this is what Country livin’ is all about.

Bring your own tent, set up camp and enjoy the full weekend at The Long Road. A  General Camping ticket includes access to:

  • The scenic General Campsite
  • Drinking water points
  • Standard showers
  • Standard toilets
  • The festival arena from Friday afternoon to Sunday night

Do camping tickets include access to the festival itself?

Yes, camping tickets include access to the whole festival, including all the acts performing.


There are certain items that are not permitted into the festival or specifically the festival arena or campsite. These items are not limited to the below list but please do not bring any of the following:

  • Cameras, film or video equipment with a lens greater than 6inches
  • Drones
  • Generators
  • Glass
  • Illegal substances or legal highs
  • Paper lanterns
  • Perfume in small glass bottles over 100ml
  • Unrecognisable medication without a doctor’s note or prescription

We allow the following items to be taken into the campsites, but not the arena:

  • Flags on flagpoles as there are overhead powerlines in the arena
  • Cooking equipment – charcoal bbqs and small butane gas stoves (single burner with gas cylinder up to 5kg)
  • Gazebos

Umbrellas can be taken into the arena but for the comfort of others, we ask that you please do not use them in front of stages as you may restrict the view of others. For the enjoyment and safety of others we also reserve the right to stop the following items from coming into the event:

  • Any item which we reasonably deem may cause danger, offence or disruption to any other person (for example: large sound systems, fireworks)
  • Any item which may be used as a weapon (for example: kitchen knives, corrosive substances)

Please also see above sections for rules about bringing Food, Alcohol, Water, Chairs and Dogs to the festival.


Water points are available in all campsites. We allow sealed bottles of water up to 750ml to be brought into the festival arena and empty unsealed bottles can be brought in to be refilled at the water points.


Please pack light. To maximise the safety of everyone attending The Long Road, all customers may be subject to a thorough security check when they arrive.

Please be patient if there are queues and familiarise yourself with the below prohibited items before you arrive to avoid unnecessary delays at the security checks.

We recommend you don’t bring any unnecessary valuables. Unfortunately, festival campsites can attract opportunistic thieves. Keep valuables safe and away from the door of your tent.

Cooking Equipment

You are welcome to use cooking equipment such as charcoal bbqs and small butane gas stoves (single burner with gas cylinder up to 5kg) in all camping fields but they must be raised off the grass.

To protect against the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, please use cooking equipment a safe distance from your tent or vehicle and never inside your tent.

Campfires, Fire Pits and BBQs

Due to the high temperatures experienced recently, the site is very dry and we will not be allowing fire pits in the campsites. We have managed communal fire pits in the arena where you can keep warm and enjoy the festival atmosphere.

Cooking on barbecues and cooking stoves are permitted, but they must be raised off the ground and not left unattended.