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Track 1: Truck

Hardy: “Hunter [Phelps – co-writer] had an idea similar to the thought of ‘you can’t judge a country boy by his truck.’ I was like ‘well you kinda can, a little bit’. If he’s got a deer in the back, he’s a deer hunter; and a bunch of different examples. So, that’s how we wrote the song that day.”

Track 2: Boyfriend

Hardy: “The idea came from the queen herself, Caleigh Ryan – we were in Florida, and I was being funny, like ‘I don’t wanna be your boyfriend anymore.’ She made the joke of like ‘why, because you wanna be my husband,’ and instead of turning that into a sweet moment I just said ‘that’s a great song idea, thank you!’ So I took that idea back, like ‘I don’t wanna be your boyfriend anymore’ where it kind of sounds like you might be breaking up with her until the chorus, and then you really find out it’s like ‘I wanna be more than that.”


Track 3: Give Heaven Some Hell

Hardy: “When we were writing ‘Truck’, there’s a line in the second verse that says ‘he misses him like hell’, and it’s talking about his buddy missing his other buddy. Originally, the line was ’cause he’s giving heaven some hell’. We decided, once that line was thrown out, Hunter [Phelps], and Ben [Johnson] and I looked and each other and we were like ‘give heaven some hell’ is a monster, monster idea if we nail it. We wrote it a week later, we brought Ashley Gorley in, and every single line that came out, we were like ‘I can’t believe that this song is coming together.’ It was like stepping up to bat playing baseball, and every time you step up to bat, you hit a home run. As soon as we finished it, I knew it was for me – I locked it down and we cut it a few months later.”

Baylen Leonard:  “This song is so powerful. One of the things I love about Hardy, as that even though he’s a proud “good ol boy” he’s not afraid of emotion and expressing his feelings.  Those things don’t always go hand in hand but Hardy has that balance just perfect in this song.”

Track 4: Boots

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): “The title of this song had me thinking it was going to be a party tune – but right off the bat you can hear the sombre and grittiness/angst. I think this song is about the defeat of a relationship that’s not working – when both people are aware it’s not going well and ultimately you just throw the towel in; you become a bit careless and make it easy for each other to break it off.”

Track 5: Where Ya At

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): “Love everything about this song, it’s so upbeat and fun, and the talk-singing works well here. I can already see it being synced to a fun and rowdy movie scene. I think it must check mark every southern/country music reference too!”

Track 6: Ain’t A Bad Day

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): The first verse of this song really hits home – thinking about everything that has happened in the past couple of months. We’ve all had days where it feels like everything is crashing down and this song really resonates with that feeling of “ain’t a bad day for the world to end”!

Track 7: One Beer (Ft. Devin Dawson & Lauren Alaina)

Hardy: “One Beer is the oldest song in existence for this record. I wrote that for HIXTAPE and had Devin Dawson and Lauren Alaina sing on the song with me. But I decided to put it on this record because, to be completely honest, the song is still at radio and it’s crushing it right now. It fits, it fills a space in the record.”

Baylen Leonard: “3 of my current favourite artists all in one song.  Devin Dawson is so underrated and I think he’s one of the most exciting songwriters going at the moment.  His song All On Me is still a total jam, and he co wrote Blake Shelton’s God’s Country as well.  Lauren Alaina is just a complete powerhouse and I love everything she does, so put them both together with Hardy and you know it’s something special. ”

Track 8: So Close (Ft. Ashland Craft)

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): “The tone/mood of this song is clear right from the start – melancholy and frustration over the one who got away. Love the Ashland Craft feature – you can really feel the emotions in their voices from both sides of the relationship on this one.”

Track 9: Broke Boy

Atist fact: Hardy is on his way to earning a CMA triple play award with having written four songs that hit number in the last 18months

Track 10: Hate Your Hometown

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): “The country/gritty rock blend really comes out in this song. The lyrics have a really interesting angle: the chorus sounds really negative, wishing someone’s not happy, but the last sentence of “I hope you hate your hometown then come back to me” ties it back together. I kind of take it as, “I hope you’re not happy without me” in a less direct way.”

Track 11: Unapologetically Country As Hell

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): “This is a country anthem if I’ve ever heard one! I can just picture a summer night’s festival crowd chanting this with their red solo cups in the air (and I want to be there when it happens). ”

Baylen Leonard: “As a country boy who moved to the big city as a teenager, I wasn’t exactly proud of my country roots at that time so I wish this song had been out then.  I’m a loud and proud country boy now but it took me awhile to get there and I love the in your faceness of this song along with it’s humour.”

Track 12: A Rock

Artist fact: Hardy is the songwriter behind Country hits like Blake Shelton’s ‘God Country’ and Morgan Wallen’s ‘Up Down’