25-27 aug 2023 Stanford hall leicestershire
25-27 aug 2023 Stanford hall leicestershire

Let’s make your festival experience sustainable! Together we can reduce the environmental impact of The Long Road!

Come by Train!

Taking the train reduces your CO2 emissions by up to 50%, compared to a car doing the same journey. Please consider this as you make your way to the festival. Rugby is easily connected via many UK travel hubs. Shuttle buses between Rugby or Lutterworth and the site can be booked now.

And we’re recycling food waste!

We take the food waste from the traders on site and it will be used as compost by the estate to grow next year’s crops!

As part of Stanford Hall’s Community Supported Agriculture Scheme, The Long Road provides tonnes of compost which feed future season’s crops. Produce from the scheme is made available to our 2021 vendors.

In the Campsite

We provide campers green and black bin bags; these are available from refuse points in campsites, entrances to campsites and litter picking staff. Please only use the bin bags provided by The Long Road. Green Bags should be filled with dry mixed recycling, including: Cans & tins Plastic bottles Mixed glass Newspaper & leaflets Cartons & cardboard Black Bags should be filled with non recyclables including food waste and all other waste not mentioned in the Green Bin Bag list. NB: The Long Road asks campers to completely fill up their bin bags before considering getting another and ensuring the bin bag is tied up before placing them at the refuse point.

In the Arena

Here at The Long Road, we really dislike waste, so we have clearly labelled segregating recycling bins throughout the site for bottles, cans, cups and then all other waste.

More intiatives coming soon