25-27 aug 2023 Stanford hall leicestershire


You are welcome to bring ‘Cracker Jack’ to enjoy The Long Road, but please read and acknowledge the following.

Dogs are only allowed into the Arena accompanied by Day, Weekend No Camping, Live-in Vehicle User or Pitch & Park User ticket holders.

Dogs are only allowed into the Live-in Vehicle Fields accompanied by Live-in Vehicle User ticket holders, and Pitch & Park Fields accompanied by Pitch & Park User ticket holders. Dogs are not permitted in the General Campsite or Premium Campsite.

Dogs will not be allowed onsite unless they have a pre-booked ticket or they are an accredited assistance dog. Dog tickets are available within each eligible ticket type on our ticket page.

Dogs must remain on a lead throughout the event site, with the exclusion of the Dog Park where they are allowed off the lead as long as you’re confident you can keep them under control.

Please acknowledge that there may be some areas of the site that are less dog-appropriate, such as busy venues. We do not allow dogs into Lil Possum County or High Falootin’ VIP.

Please pick up after your dog, including in the dog park. There will be plenty of bins throughout the site.

You are liable for any damage done to the event site by your dog.

The Long Road is full of exciting entertainment but don’t forget your dog’s welfare. There are lots of water points throughout the site for you to fill your dog’s water bowl and make sure to give them shelter from the sun.

Festivals can be noisy, busy places so we’d suggest that not all dogs will enjoy the experience. Please consider if this environment is right for your dog before deciding to bring them along.

New for 2022: TLR’s Dog Park. A free running exercise field to take your dog into, with bins for dog waste.

Dog Park Rules and Guidance

  • Open 8am – 8pm.
  • Max 20 dogs at a time, come back later if full.
  • Always keep gates closed.
  • Dogs off lead, only if confidently controllable.
  • Pick-up poo + use bins provided.
  • Assess area suitability before removing dog lead.
  • If off lead, keep dog in sight, close by, with lead in hand.
  • Strictly no toys, balls , whistles or food.
  • No female dogs on heat.
  • Dogs must be under the control of 16+ adult.
  • No children without 16+ adult.
  • Dogs must have ID tag with owner phone number.
  • Pheasant stock located in woodland to far end of site. Dogs with high prey drive should be kept on lead away from the area.