Anyone aged 15 or under must be accompanied by a paying adult aged 20 or over. Maximum of 4 under 16s per adult. Children aged 4 or under are free but a Child Ticket must be added to your order for the child to gain admission.

Anyone aged 16 or 17 may attend unaccompanied but we strongly advise that you have the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

We do not accept any parental or supervisory duty of care or liability for any under 18’s on site.

Proof of age may be required on entry to the Event and when purchasing alcohol.

Yes, the proof of age may be required on entry to The Long Road and when purchasing alcohol, as the festival operates a strict Challenge 25 Policy.

Recognised and accepted forms of ID include a photo driving license, passport and proof of age card with PASS (hologram) logo.

The festival reserves the right to refuse admission if there is any doubt as to the age of the ticket holder being under the entry requirement.

The campsites will be open from Friday to Monday. The festival arena will open on Friday afternoon with entertainment starting from the early evening. More detailed timings will be released in due course.

Is there a limit to the size of tent I can bring?

There is no limit to the size of your tent within reason, however we do ask you to please consider other campers and only bring the size of tent you require.

What facilities are available in the campsite?

There will be a limited number of free showers, toilets and drinking water points in the campsite. Food traders will be accessible from the arena in the mornings.

Will there be a family campsite?

The Long Road is family friendly so there is no dedicated “family campsite”, but there will be a Quiet Camping area.

Can I park by my tent?

No. The car park is located next to the campsite with a short walk between the two. Please bear this in mind when packing for the weekend.

Can I camp by my caravan or campervan?

No, tents may only be pitched in the designated Campsite.

Campers can come and go as they please during their stay at The Long Road, however you may only bring food and alcohol into the campsites on your first entry.

There is no re-entry for Day or Weekend No Camping ticket holders if you leave the festival site.

If a Weekend No Camping ticket holder leaves the site on Saturday they won’t be readmitted until the arena re-opens on Sunday.

We hope to provide everything you will need within the festival.

Please do not bring the following:
· Umbrellas
· Offensive weapons or anything deemed as an offensive weapon
· Air horns, klaxons or megaphones
· Portable sound system
· Professional audio and imaging equipment
· Chinese lanterns, flares, fireworks, candles or smoke canisters
· Drones
· Glass
· Laser pens
· Gas in any container larger than 5kg
· Petrol or diesel generators
· Bicycles, roller-skates, skateboards, scooters, personal motorised or non motorised vehicles except for wheelchairs
· Sports equipment (except swim wear)
· High visibility tabards or similar
· Illegal drugs
· Psychoactive substances (legal highs)

These items will be confiscated on entry and if you are in possession of anything illegal we will not allow you to enter the event.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Day and Weekend ticket holders cannot bring alcohol onsite.

Campers may bring:

– 1 x 70cl spirits (no greater than 40% ABV) and 12 x 440ml cans beer/cider, or
– 3 litres of wine and 12 x 440ml cans beer/cider

Campers may bring alcohol into the festival campsite upon initial entry ONLY. You may not take alcohol from the campsite into the festival arena, bars will be open throughout the site. Any glass must be decanted into plastic.

Camping guests will be asked to leave excess quantities outside of the event. No alcohol will be allowed to be taken into the festival arena. No glass is permitted on site.

The legal age to bring alcohol into the festival is 18+ years. There is an ID check on entry and any alcohol will be taken off you if you’re found to be underage.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

No food or drink is permitted into the main festival arena, except one 500ml sealed bottle of water per person. Food and drink can be purchased once inside the arena.

If you are camping, you are allowed to bring a supply of your own food and drink for personal consumption into the campsite on first entry only. No glass is permitted on site.

Are disposable BBQs and camping stoves allowed in the campsite?

Yes, we allow charcoal BBQs and small butane gas stoves – single burner, with gas cylinder of less than 5kg that can be used in the designated areas within the campsite only.

Can I bring a chair?

Fold up chairs and blankets are permitted, however if you intend to bring them into the arena we request that they are not used in areas that may cause congestion or in the area between the stage and the mix tower.

Can I bring my camera?

You may bring a “domestic” camera however anything deemed professional (i.e. SLR with detachable lenses etc.) is prohibited.

Can I bring my dog?

You are welcome to bring ‘Cracker Jack’ to enjoy The Long Road for the day, but please read and acknowledge the following:

– Dogs are only allowed into the Arena with Day and Weekend No Camping ticket holders and the Arena and Evergreen Fields Caravan/Campervan area with Caravan/Campervan User ticket holders. Dogs are not permitted in the Peak Point General Campsite or Hoss Town Premium Campsite.
– Dogs will not be allowed onsite unless they have a pre-booked ticket or they are an accredited assistance dog.
– Dogs must remain on a lead and in control throughout the event.
– Please acknowledge that there may be some areas of the site that are less dog-appropriate such as busy venues. We do not allow dogs in Lil Possum County, Health and Happiness or High Falootin’ VIP.
– Please pick up after your dog, there will be plenty of bins throughout the site.
– You are liable for any damage done to event site by your dog.
– The Long Road is full of exciting entertainment but don’t forget your dog’s welfare. There are lots of water points throughout the site for you to fill your dog’s water bowl and make sure to take shelter from the sun.
– Festivals can be noisy, busy places so we’d suggest that not all dogs will enjoy the experience. Please consider if this environment is right for your dog before deciding to bring them along.

The Long Road will be held at Stanford Hall, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6DH.

Stanford Hall is easily accessible by train, car and to the airport – only 50 minutes by train from Euston, London, approximately 10 minutes from the M1 and 35 minutes from Birmingham International Airport.

See our travel page here for all recommended travel options.

Yes, there will be cash machines at the festival.


The same regulations apply as the rest of the country, you can smoke in the open air but not inside big tops and tents – look out for the ‘no smoking’ signs and be considerate of others around you.

Please contact us here if you are interested in volunteering at the event.

The festival is located outdoors and on a green field site. The site is generally flat and accessible however please consider that as is the nature of a green field site, the ground can be uneven and conditions underfoot can be effected by weather and heavy footfall.

Please wear sensible shoes and take care in areas where ground is uneven or has been affected by adverse weather.

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