We will have cash machines available on site and transactions will be subject to a charge. Please note that some of our bar and food outlets will take card, but we advise you also bring cash.

Water points are available in all campsites. We allow sealed bottles of water up to 750ml to be brought into the festival arena and empty unsealed bottles can be brought in to be refilled at the water points.

Toilets are available throughout the festival.

Premium toilets and showers are available to Premium Campers in the Hoss Town Premium Campsite.

Showers will be available in the Peak Point General Campsite but please be patient if there are queues. The mornings are the busiest times, so we advise campers to shower at off-peak times when it is quieter.

There will be a general store where you can buy all your weekend essentials, toiletries and anything you may have left behind.

The Medical and Info point is located at the entrance to the main festival arena. It will be accessible 24/7 throughout the festival and will be there to help you with any issues you may have. Child ID wristbands can be collected here. These are for parents who would like to write their contact details on a wristband in case they are separated from their child.

The festival is located outdoors and on a green field site. The site is generally flat and accessible however please consider that as is the nature of a green field site, the ground can be uneven, and conditions underfoot can be affected by weather and heavy footfall.

Please wear sensible shoes and take care in areas where ground is uneven or has been affected by adverse weather.

Please visit our Experience Page for more information about what activities and experiences can be found at The Long Road, including the Showground Arena, the Car Show, Crafts and Workshops, the Health & Happiness area, Kids’ Day Camp, Wild Swimming and Stage Takeovers.

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