Chris Country’s Big 5: Cam

Cam writes music to tell the truth, especially truths that help women understand themselves. The GRAMMY®-nominated artist has released music that is brazen, bold and transcends genre boundaries as seen through songs like the viral fame of “Diane”. But if you’re not familiar with her music, where should you start? Chris Country’s Chris Stevens has selected five of her best tracks…

Burning House

This is Cam’s signature song, and the one that got us all asking who this Californian with the awesome voice was. Written after a dream about a painful break-up, it’s a beautiful, haunting, melodic song.


Billed as the response to Dolly Parton’s classic track Jolene, this song is guaranteed to get all of Stamford Hall on their feet in September! Possibly the catchiest chorus of the weekend!


A distress call about a sinking relationship? We’ve all been there – and this track from Cam’s album Untamed captures it perfectly.

My Mistake

This catchy track first appeared on Cam’s debut EP “Welcome To Cam Country”, and is about a one night stand – “he’s my mistake to make all night”!

Diplo – So Long (featuring Cam)

We love a good collaboration, and this one is really catchy! Cam lends the vocals to this track, produced and released by Diplo earlier this year. Is it country? We’re not sure, but we love it anyway!