Chris Country’s Big 5: Kip Moore

Singer-songwriter Kip Moore combines a raw and rustic voice with compelling lyrics of honesty to create a unique sound that’s simultaneously hypnotic and edgy. He’s headlining the Rhinestone Stage at The Long Road, a set that will be filled with unforgettable moments. Chris Country has picked out his 5 top Kip Moore tunes to get our feet tappin long before we take to the road…

Somethin’ Bout A Truck

Let’s start at the beginning. This was Kip’s first Top 40 single, and it went right to number 1. Released in 2011, this is the song that made everyone ask “Who is this guy, and how can we hear more?”

Beer Money

One of the most catchy choruses in country music; we can’t wait to hear this on the Rhinestone stage. It’s from Kip’s debut album Up All Night

More Girls Like You

The first single from Kip’s latest album Slowheart, this song shows the calmer, more sensitive side of his music. Oh, and the whole album is superb. Check it out and get familiar with the tracks ready for his Long Road set!

Hey Pretty Girl

Another one from Kip’s more romantic side. This is as intimate a country song as you’ll hear. Check out the video – with over 14 million views, Kip wanted it to portray what he calls “real love”, lifetime love, rather than quick romance.

Guitar Man

This is a definite fan favourite here in the UK. Often the closing track of Kip’s set, when he performed this at the CMA Songwriters Series in London, it went on for over 10 minutes!

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