Crossroad County

Crossroad County

Uncover the melting pot of country music across a host of destinations in Crossroad County. Inspired by the vibrant bars and venues of Nashville’s historic Lower Broadway, this is where the party lasts all day, every day.


The Interstate Stage

A stage that pays homage to those never-ending highways and byways that bands travel to bring you three chords and the truth. The Interstate Stage is for music that speaks from the soul, where you can catch top drawer Americana and Roots, with a side order of acts firmly on the road to stardom.

And if you’re looking for a late night heel dig, Buck’ N Bull bring their country magic for Friday’s Opening Party, and Nash Nights supply the barn burners for the afterparty on Saturday. So, if you want to dance the night away to the many different sides of Country, Americana and Roots, this is the place.

Honky Tonk Bar

Displaying more than just a touch of Southern charm, the Honky Tonk transports you to the heart of Downtown Nashville with all the eye-catching action and sultry sounds of a classic Lower Broadway haunt.

Serving a tantalising selection of refreshments this is no simple saloon. As darkness falls, the Honky Tonk Bar expands its menu to include ambitious acts from both sides of the pond. Not just playing for tips and tourists, these are the bands making a real connection with the audience and taking the next steps on their journey. So, whether the music’s got your toes tapping, or our fearless Country-Oke crooners have you singing along into the early hours, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life.