Fair County

Fair County

A close knit community is the essence of country music culture. And community runs deep in Fair County.

A place to gather with family and friends, Fair County offers an enticing taste-fest that not only covers the gamut of delicious cooked food and drink, with plenty of seating for all, but also gives you the hottest up-and-coming acts and all the thrills of a traditional county fair.

The Front Porch

The long road to stardom starts when a band walks out of the door and takes its first step onto The Front Porch. Showcasing the most exciting homegrown and international talent dreaming of making it to the top, The Front Porch is where to discover your new musical passion.

Spotting future stars is thirsty work so be sure to check out the fine selection of bourbons just next door at The Front Porch Bar.

The Showground

Channeling the enduring ideals of outdoor entertainment in America’s heartland, from cowboy skills workshops to a Classic American Car & Bike show, to cotton candy and corndogs, you can fill your days in all manner of ways at The Showground.

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The Birthplace of Country Music

The Birthplace of Country Music preserves the rich music heritage of the Appalachians, exploring the impact of those sessions and the traditions of one of the world’s biggest and most enduring musical scenes. Find out more about the Birthplace of Country Music Sessions here.

Vintage Funfair Rides

Evoking the fun and thrills of the good ole days at a traditional county fair, take a spin on our beautiful vintage funfair rides and see The Long Road from a different view!