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26-28 aug 2022 Stanford hall leicestershire


Supernova (Deluxe)- Caitlyn Smith

Track 1: I Can’t (feat. Old Dominion)

Baylen Leonard: “This was already one of my favourites on the Supernova album but this version on the Deluxe issue with Old Dominon has taken it to a whole other level. So good.”

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): “On this deluxe release, Old Dominion features in this song, who were at the top of Smith’s wish list of artists to collab with. This song hits on the difficulty of change – whether it be a break up, moving to a new town, a new job, getting a fresh start…. Whatever it may be, it can be overwhelming but you know you’ve got to do it.”


Track 2: Long Time Coming

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): “The guitar solo and the bridge in this song are the selling point. You can really feel the emotion and intensity – she’s done a great job of relaying the emotion and intensity of the lyrics into the sound here!”


Track 3: Damn You for Breaking My Heart

Baylen Leonard: “Love how this song is vulnerable and strong at the same time.  It’s that mix of anger and hurt that happens sometimes at the end of a relationship that you didn’t necessarily want to end. It’s defiant but also honest in how much it’s hurt.”


Track 4: Put Me Back Together

Album Fact: Supernova was released Sept 25th. The original Supernova album was released Mar 13and this deluxe edition includes 2 additional tracks.


Track 5: All Over Again

Artist Fact: Caitlyn Smith formed her first band at the age of 12 and released threee albums independently by age 19.


Track 6: Don’t Want to Love You Anymore

Artist Fact: Prior to Supernova, Smith’s major label debut album Starfire reached No. 24 on Americana/Folk Albums in 2018 and No. 18 in 2016.


Track 7.Supernova

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): “This song was released prior to lockdown, so the timing of this was uncanny. The idea that life is flying by so fast and you start reminiscing on your earlier and simpler days is something that really resonates with us currently. I think something a lot of us wish we could go back to right about now…”

Baylen Leonard: “A title song that lives up to it’s billing. A big ballad that really stands out and it feels timeless.”


Track 8: I Can’t

Artist Fact: Caitlyn Smith started an instagram Live series called Lonely Together over quarantine to remain creative and spread her passion for music,  with guests such as Shane McAnally, Karen Fairchild, Brandy Clark, Lori McKenna, Tenille Townes.


Track 9: Rare Bird

Aritst fact: Smith used her college fund to make her first record at age 15!


Track 11: Fly Away

Artist Fact: In the last decade Caitlyn Smith has written for Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, John Legend, Meghan Trainor and more!


Track 12: Feel That Way

Album Fact: Produced by Christian “Leggy” Langdon, Smith wanted to break out of her comfort zone and relocated to Los Angeles, where she wrote and recorded most of the album.


Track 13: Lonely Together

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): “This song has been essential for this year. We’ve experienced a lot (if not the most) time at home we’ve ever had this year, and for some, slowing down the pace at which we had been living. I think the lyric “hold me, let’s be lonely together” has been a juxtaposition that has resonated with a lot of people over the past couple of months.”


Track 14: Fix You

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): “The addition of this Coldplay cover has really tied this deluxe album release into being a sentimental quarantine album. It is the perfect song to end the album with as it leaves a gentle and emotionally encouraging message: “lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you”.”

Baylen Leonard: “Love Caitlyn’s cover of this, honest to the original but with her own spin, not an easy balance to strike but this totally works.”