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TLR Record Club: Granger Smith

Country Things Volume 1

Track 1: Country Things

Granger Smith: “When my buddy Jordan sent me the song “Country Things,” it was the perfect right place at the right time. It spoke directly to the simpler things. The things that money and politics and status just can’t buy. And not only did I love what it said and how country it felt, but I wanted it to speak as the introduction relative to the entire album – the namesake of the album – and I wanted to live my life about these things.”

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): “On this deluxe release, Old Dominion features in this song, who were at the top of Smith’s wish list of artists to collab with. This song hits on the difficulty of change – whether it be a break up, moving to a new town, a new job, getting a fresh start…. Whatever it may be, it can be overwhelming but you know you’ve got to do it.”

Baylen Leonard: “The lyric “Nothin’ hits home like where you’re born” in this song really hits me in the heart.  Especially this year when I’ve not been able to go home to Tennessee like I normally would. I miss country things and my hometown friends and family so until I get to see them again, I’ll listen to this turned up loud.”


Track 2: Hate You Like I Love You

Granger Smith: “I remember scrapping at least three takes of this song. Three different drum recordings searching for that perfect vibe I had in my head and with producing so many other songs in my life, I loved it in the beginning, then I hated it, then I slowly started liking it and then I rediscovered my love for it in the process. And today I couldn’t be more happy with the way that it turned out.”

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): “This song goes through the motions we all feel when you’re trying to convince yourself you’re over someone.  He’s transforming the strength of the feelings he has from positive to negative  (ie. trying to forget someone as much as you miss them) and is ultimately still playing tug of war with himself. ”

Baylen Leonard: “Oh Lord, we’ve all been here right?!  Doesn’t usually work as a way of getting over someone but this song deffo works.”


Track 3: I Kill Spiders

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): “You can guess this is going to be a father/child relationship song, which is really sweet. And an essential quality for parents and guardians to have as you’re growing up!”


Track 4: That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads

Granger Smith: “That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads’ will always be a special song to me. I was scheduled to record that song on June the 5th, 2019. And the night before, June the 4th, unspeakable tragedy struck our family and all my future plans were really erased. Several months later – I realized that the song needed to be revisited and released and this was the moment that the song kind of reintroduced me to music making again after loss.”

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): “I can think of so many fun memories and important conversations I’ve had driving through the countryside at home. It can be a productive time to clear your mind if you’re alone, as well as bonding time with friends and family, so this song totally speaks to me.”

Baylen Leonard: “Another Granger song that makes me really homesick!  If we weren’t in lockdown (and we had dirt roads in London) I’d drive around with this cranked up and the windows down.  A top notch driving song.”


Track 5: Mexico

Album Fact: This is a particularly personal two part album for Granger Smith, after the tragedy of losing his son in summer 2019 it took him nearly 10 months to resume writing the album. The pandemic then also delayed the album which is why it was released in 2 volumes.


Track 6: Chevys, Hemis, Yotas & Fords

Artist quote: “I’m trying to be intentional in the moment and I’m trying to have hope … to appreciate where you are in this present moment,” he tells Sounds Like Nashville in a recent video call. “Tomorrow’s not guaranteed, you can’t change yesterday, but there’s always hope. Ultimately I am an entertainer, that’s what pays the bills, and I think for me it’s important to always instill that hope in others.”

Source: https://www.soundslikenashville.com/music/granger-smith-10th-album-country-things-vol-1/


Track 7. Heroes

Album Fact: Country Things Vol. 1 is the tenth studio album by American country musician Granger Smith, released on September 25, 2020


Track 8: Country & Ya Know It (Ft. Earl Dibbles Jr.)

Gillian Stanwick (team TLR): “This is most clearly the country anthem (and ear worm) we need for 2020. it’s got your full “how to be country” check list, a catchy chorus, and even an appearance from Earl Dibbles Jr!”

Baylen Leonard: “Yay, we’ve waited for an Earl Dibbles Jr cameo and here he is.  A feel good silly song and a perfect way to end things.  I can imagine a crowd at the end of the night singing along with this one, sloshing beer around, and going out into the night in a great mood!   Can’t wait for Vol 2!”