10-12 sept 2021 Stanford hall leicestershire
10-12 sept 2021 Stanford hall leicestershire

TLR Record Club: Luke Bryan

This week the TLR Record Club is back and we’re listening to Luke Bryan’s new long player! With special commentary from TLR Festival Programmer Gillian Stanwick, and as always, Baylen Leonard.  Listen along with us!

Luke Bryan – Born Here Live Here Die Here
Track 1: Knockin’ Boots

“It’s amazing how quickly this song became a staple. It’s a fun cheeky song but not on first listen an obvious banger which is exactly what it is the more you listen. Back before the world went crazy and we could still gather and dance together, this was a go to floor filler when I’d DJ.” Baylen

“This song came out in 2019 and I listened to it a lot over summer last year, so it definitely reminds me of TLR 2019. I love the pairings he mentions in the chorus, especially ‘fishin’ in the dark’ ‘needs nitty gritty’.” Gillian

Track 2: What She Wants Tonight

“The story of a fun evening, and the power this woman has over Luke Bryan, making him melt!” Gillian

Track 3: Born Here Live Here Die Here

“This song encompasses a couple of themes that are strong within country music – hometown pride and religion. while the lyrics really focus on growing up and sticking to your roots and being proud of it, the melody of the song reminds me of a church hymn.” Gillian

“Makes me hugely homesick, and even more so since I haven’t been able to visit family and friends back home at all this year. I know so many people from my hometown that this song applies to and I love it.” Baylen

Track 4: One Margarita

“Tailor made for the summer weather, Luke doing what Luke does best, getting the party started. So thirsty now!” Baylen

“Love this one, very much a summer soundtrack and a recipe for a lot of hangovers!” Gillian

Track 5: Too Drunk To Drive

“I think this must be the sequel to Drunk on You: “the best buzz I’m ever gonna find, I’m a little drunk on you and high on summertime”.

And this song which says “got me high, got me flyings cause you’re looking so fine, i ain’t had no shot, ain’t drank a drop but i’m too drunk to drive” Gillian

Track 6: Build Me A Daddy

“Very emotional song – the sad story about a boy who’s lost his dad presumably from the war. This one really pulls at your heartstrings.” Gillian

Track 7: Little Less Broken

“When we go through a break up, i think we all secretly (or not so secretly) hope the other person is hurting the same as us. This song touches on that annoying moment when you realize the other person is actually doing better than you!” Gillian

Track 8: For A Boat

“Family values are a really important theme in country music – this song touches on just how much we cherish those childhood memories and all the little things in life that money can’t buy.” Gillian

“No one can conjure up the inner emotional workings of a rural southern life quite like Luke. Making the dreams and aspirations come through but still with a radio friendly hook that you can’t get out of your head.” Baylen

Track 9: Where Are We Goin’

“It’s easy to think Luke just delivers good time party songs, and yes he does those exceedingly well, but he also has a knack of really diving deep showing his sensitive side as well and this song does just that and then some.” Baylen

“I love the simplicity of this – a bit of a choose your own adventure. Not sure where the night is going, but it can go anywhere we want it to! Some of the best evenings are totally unplanned ones.” Gillian

Track 10: Down To One

“This sounds like the aftermath of “Where Are We Goin’” once they chose their own adventure. This song touches on so many points of a fun summer fling!” Gillian