10-12 sept 2021 Stanford hall leicestershire
10-12 sept 2021 Stanford hall leicestershire

TLR Record Club: Mo Pitney

This week we’ve been listening to the newly released album Ain’t Lookin’ Back by  Mo Pitney. We love this record and are super excited to feature it on the TLR Record Club! So listen along with us and check out our favorite tracks as well as some comments from our very own Gillian Stanwick and Baylen Leonard!

Mo Pitney – Ain’t Lookin’ Back
Track 1: A Music Man

Gillian: “I love that the first song on the album is  a song for the fans. It feels personal and is a transparent story for his audience to connect to him with. His voice feels quite raw in this, with an appearance from Jamey Johnson towards the end of the song.”


Track 3: Ain’t Bad for a Good Ol’ Boy

Gillian: “This song has a parallel message to Plain and Simple, focusing on how the simple things in life can be the most fulfilling and all you need. Ie. a roof over your head, mornings with bacon and pancakes, waking up next to someone you love, etc. It’s often the things that we take for granted are only appreciated when we don’t have them anymore.”

Baylen: ” I love the message of this song. It doesn’t matter what you come from, you can still have the life you want, and that doesn’t mean fancy cars and designer threads.”


Track 7:  Ain’t Looking Back

Baylen: “Just like Mo says in the opening line of this song we’ve got our eyes on The Long Road ahead!”


Track 9: Plain and Simple

Gillian: “This song touches on the simplicity of love. Things don’t need to be flashy, extravagant or complicated for them to be valuable or meaningful. I’ve noticed a common trend of song writing in country music is the idea that the roots and the basics of life are the most fulfilling!”


Track 11: Local Honey

Gillian: “Pitney really shows him storytelling ability here by painting a picture of meeting a girl at a local farmer’s market. The nature of this song reminds me of driving down country side roads in the middle of summer and stopping at the farm to get fresh baked homemade pies and cookies!”


Track 12: Old Stuff Better

Baylen: “It’s not about nostalgia, this song, but about the appreciation of heritage and history, both personal and universal. It’s a good message when everything is made quick and disposable, convenience is great but things that last are better.”