25-27 aug 2023 Stanford hall leicestershire

Pitch & Park

Take your TLR road trip all the way to the campsite by setting up your home for the weekend next to your car. Drive in with your dog, your friends or your family, the ultimate solution for convenience!

Pitch & Park User ticket

Each individual staying in Pitch & Park Fields is required to have a Pitch & Park User ticket. This ticket is your access to the festival and you will not be allowed into the festival or Pitch & Park Fields without one.

A pitch & park user ticket includes access to:

  • Drinking water points
  • Standard showers
  • Standard toilets
  • The festival arena from Friday afternoon to Sunday night

Pitch & Park Plot

One Pitch & Park Plot ticket is required per vehicle. One vehicle up to 7m in length is permitted per plot. One plot is recommended for up to 4 adults.


How big is each plot?

Each plot is 7m x 10m, one plot is recommended for up to 4 adults.

Camping guidelines for Pitch & Park

  • Tents must be completely contained within your marked plot
  • Gazebos are permitted but must fit within your marked plot
  • Tents should not be attached to vehicles
  • Trailer tents and rooftop tents are required to stay in the Live-In Fields
  • Fire lanes must be kept clear of tents, cars and awnings at all times
  • Private generators are not permitted in Pitch & Park Fields
  • There are water points where you can fill up containers by hand. Please note, vehicles aren’t permitted to drive up to the water point.
  • In order to reduce risk of fire, please make sure gas burners are properly connected, only used outside and turned off when not in use. Please don’t use candles and ensure used cigarettes are fully extinguished.

Can I sleep in my vehicle?

You are not permitted to sleep in your vehicle.

Pitch & Park re-entry

No re-entry for vehicles to the Pitch & Park Fields. Once you are in your plot, please do not move until you are ready to leave the festival. If you choose to leave the Pitch & Park Fields in your vehicle and return to the festival, you will be directed to the paid car parks.

Campfires, Fire Pits and BBQs

Due to the high temperatures experienced recently, the site is very dry and we will not be allowing fire pits in the campsites. We have managed communal fire pits in the arena where you can keep warm and enjoy the festival atmosphere.

Cooking on barbecues and cooking stoves are permitted, but they must be raised off the ground and not left unattended.

Cooking Equipment

You are welcome to use cooking equipment such as charcoal bbqs and small butane gas stoves (single burner with gas cylinder up to 5kg) in all camping fields but they must be raised off the grass.

To protect against the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, please use cooking equipment a safe distance from your tent or vehicle and never inside your tent.